Barn owl chicks at Charlecote Park

In recent weeks our owlet have had a lot of love and attention from our online communities. Their photo has been shared on our national and regional accounts and helps to highlight some of the work we do that isn’t seen.


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Here’s more info from our press office..

FIVE BARN OWL chicks were snapped by a National Trust volunteer during a recent survey in the Warwickshire parkland where William Shakespeare was supposedly caught poaching deer.

It is believed that the brood of two female and three male chicks were between 41 and 53 days old when they were checked earlier this autumn by volunteers from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) at Charlecote Park, near Stratford-upon-Avon.

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Jana’s Gingerbread Charlecote

If you’ve been to Charlecote over the past few weeks you may well have seen the wonderful gingerbread creation that has been on display. It has been very patiently baked and built by one of our volunteers – Jana.

Want to know how on earth she managed it? Read on…

Isn’t it funny how a joke one year can end up turning into something real the next? It was a year ago when a National Trust Gingerbread House appeared in my feed on twitter and a joke was made that Charlecote Park should be made out of gingerbread because it is the right colour.

Charlecote gingerbread house

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Help us bring the outbuildings to life…

Are you interested in joining our volunteer team and giving our visitors a taste of what Charlecote was like back in the day? We’re looking for enthusiastic and personable individuals to bring our very special place to life showing what it was like for a Victorian servant ‘below stairs’!

Charlecote laundry

We need people to help us bring the Victorian kitchen, laundry and coach houses to life. These areas used to be a hive of activity with staff bustling to and fro. Washing the family linens, tending to the horses, working in the tack room, brewing the beer… it was all happening!

But it is a little quiet at the moment.

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Why our nomination means the world… #cwtca2015

line scrollHave you heard the news?
We’re finalists in the Kids & Families category of the
Coventry & Warwickshire Tourism and Culture Awards!


We are absolutely over the moon just to make it this far. An award would be wonderful but, whatever happens from here, we’re already delighted!

The National Trust in general hasn’t always been viewed as being a very family-orientated organisation. Over the past few years a lot of work has been going on to change this perception. Our central office teams have helped us by generating fun initiatives (such as the brilliant ‘50 things to do…‘) and holiday events to entice families on site and we’ve also altered our marketing to tell families who we are and what we do.


We welcome over 170,000+ visitors to Charlecote each year and we’re a relatively small team. The majority of people you meet whilst here are likely to be volunteers.

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