Recipe: Earl Grey tea sorbet

We thought we’d share with you another recipe. This is particularly good on hot summer afternoons…

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We’re told that the secret to a good tea sorbet is the infusion. Recipes usually tell you to add boiling water but this recipes warns against this! It recommends soaking the tea in cold water overnight instead. This should give a good flavour and none of the bitter tannin. It also suggests experimenting with teas and various fruits as the tast combinations are a revelation!

Ingredients (to make approx. 1l or 4 cups)
3 tbsp Earl Grey tea-leaves*
625ml water
300ml Sugar Syrup
Juice of 1 lemon, strained

* If you use tea bags rather than leaves, use 4.

Tea tin from the collection at Tyntesfield © National Trust

Tea tin from the collection at Tyntesfield © National Trust

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A very Victorian ‘Pancake Day’

Today, the day before Lent begins, is traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday. The Victorians were known to celebrate with Pancakes much like we do today.

victorian kitchen pancakes charlecote

After a Church service, where parishioners were absolved of sin, pancakes would be made at home using eggs, fat, sugar and/or meat.

What do you adorn your pancake with? We’re quite tempted to try some of our National Trust curds but are open to suggestions. Continue reading

Victorian Bakers on BBC2

Did you watch the first episode of Victorian Bakers last Tuesday?
We’re glad we did because we spotted a familiar face – food historian
(and friend of ours) Dr Annie Gray.

Annie came to Charlecote back in 2013 to advise us on our Victorian Kitchens. She also gave us some demonstrations in our historic space, showing a variety of venison dishes enjoyed by Victorians.

Annie Gray commanding the whole kitchen!

Annie Gray commanding the whole kitchen!

Annie Gray at Charlecote

Annie writes her own blog:  Musings on food and history.  She describes it as ‘musing, rantings and recipe research’… Follow the link to a post from Annie about Crammings. It is an interesting read! Continue reading

Help us bring the outbuildings to life…

Are you interested in joining our volunteer team and giving our visitors a taste of what Charlecote was like back in the day? We’re looking for enthusiastic and personable individuals to bring our very special place to life showing what it was like for a Victorian servant ‘below stairs’!

Charlecote laundry

We need people to help us bring the Victorian kitchen, laundry and coach houses to life. These areas used to be a hive of activity with staff bustling to and fro. Washing the family linens, tending to the horses, working in the tack room, brewing the beer… it was all happening!

But it is a little quiet at the moment.

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