Museum Week 2016

We love twitter. We love that instantaneous exchange of information. We love being among the first to find out things, discovering in real time and peeking behind the scenes of some great and wonderful historical sites. So obviously, we LOVE Museum Week!

Never heard of it? Well, let us give you a quick run through…

#Museumweek is a week-long global Twitter campaign for museums, heritage sites, galleries (and their supporters) around the globe. The principle is very simple: 7 days, one theme and hashtag per day. We all get to explore these venues and discover new and fascinating places. All you need to do is get on twitter and follow the hashtags.


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Follow our Charlecote Advent countdown…

We love counting down to Christmas (it’s one of the only days of the year we really get off!) and we’ve decided to create our own Charlecote Advent Calendar to help us tick off the days.

We did this last year, showing you what was behind the doors at Charlecote, and it is back as it was very well received.

This year we will be picking Charlecote windows and peeking in (or peering out!) to sharing the view with you. Continue reading

Autumn Glow: Photography Competition

You know we love Autumn here at Charlecote. We love the colours, the crisp leaves, the changing views. We also love the changing sounds in the park. Autumn just has that special feeling – that glow – that the other seasons don’t quite manage*.

Autumn glow as captured by Jana, our volunteer photographer.

Autumn glow as captured by Jana, our volunteer photographer.

If you love it too, you might be interested in entering the Midlands ‘Autumn Glow’ competition. The winning entry will receive a fantastic Lumix DMC-TZ70 camera, courtesy of our partner Panasonic. Continue reading

Museum week

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes at Museums and National Trust places? Well this is the week to find out! Get yourself on twitter and follow the hashtag #MuseumWeek.

Why? Read this blog from our pals at neighbouring Upton House to find out more…

When we received an email notifying us of #MuseumWeek coming up on Twitter, we couldn’t wait to sign up! What a great way to promote museums, interact with others, see behind closed doors and give people the chance to ask us questions. We were even more excited when we saw the content!


Museum week starts Monday, the 24th of March and lasts for 7 days. The other National Trust property taking part is our local friend, Charlecote. The nearby Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is also participating.  The week will see museums tweet about different themes each day. You can follow particular museums accounts, or follow the #MuseumWeek. Really the focus though, is about you, the reader, visitors, participant, and questioner.

< Read more of the Museum week blog >.

We will be exploring the following themes…


We look forward to all the tweets!