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We had considered going away for a quick break this week, but Luke had a bad back and the idea of lugging a tent around was less than appealing! However, I still wanted to do something outdoorsy with Finn so I consulted my National Trust handbook and the two of us headed off to Charlecote Park, near Stratford upon Avon. I’m less bothered about stately homes, it’s the outdoor space that is much more interesting to me.

Charlecote Park

The idea of spending a summer’s day in a beautiful, green deer park was enough to get me packing a picnic and heading off for an hour’s drive with a toddler.

I wasn’t disappointed…

line scrollYou can read more of this post on and find out why Finn and his Mum enjoyed Charlecote so much…

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Springing about : Hares in Camp Ground

If you’re eagle eyed, you may have spotted these guys popping up across the River in Camp Ground.


Our visitors and volunteers have been treated to quite a special sight when looking over into Camp Ground from the Dining Room and Library. The hares have been really active with several bouts of boxing going on. Jana, our volunteer photographer, bravely ventured out with a long lens camera to snap these great photos.

10838166_979336668757338_5668247111702558548_o 10847644_979335705424101_7270642279848371069_o 11187161_979334618757543_8759994368039315670_o 11194588_979334898757515_1106152063746303472_o

What wildlife have you spotted at Charlecote recently? If you’ve managed to capture some on camera, why not share them with us on social media or in our flickr group.

Amazing Anniversary at National Trust Charlecote Park

We love hearing about your visits to Charlecote, especially when you choose to spend your special occassions with us!


The morning of our 15th Wedding Anniversary started with heavy rain and an hour into our drive to National Trust Charlecote Park near Stratford Upon Avon it was still raining.

We were feeling optimistic that the weather would improve despite the forecast. Fortunatly plans were very loose and our main aim was to obviously enjoy each others company so the weather didn’t matter too much (although dry is obviously nicer)

Shortly before arriving at the car park the grey clouds started to depart and blue sky was quickly making an appearance.

Walking along the long driveway we were greeted by a magnificent gatehouse with beautiful and ornate turrets, balustrades and carving. As you can see the weather really had improved and the billowy white clouds were looking amazing.

DSC_6752 clarity Susan Guy_Charlecote Park 29.04.15DSC_6756-1 Susan Guy_Charlecote Park 29.04.15DSC_6460-1 Susan Guy_Charlecote Park 29.04.15   

Underneath the Gatehouse arch and a little peak at the house

DSC_6748 Susan Guy_Charlecote Park 29.04.15DSC_6463-3 Susan Guy_Charlecote Park 29.04.15DSC_6467-2 Susan Guy_Charlecote Park 29.04.15DSC_6462-3 Susan Guy_Charlecote Park 29.04.15

Oak trees are just starting to come into leaf and so…

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