Recipe: Earl Grey tea sorbet

We thought we’d share with you another recipe. This is particularly good on hot summer afternoons…

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We’re told that the secret to a good tea sorbet is the infusion. Recipes usually tell you to add boiling water but this recipes warns against this! It recommends soaking the tea in cold water overnight instead. This should give a good flavour and none of the bitter tannin. It also suggests experimenting with teas and various fruits as the tast combinations are a revelation!

Ingredients (to make approx. 1l or 4 cups)
3 tbsp Earl Grey tea-leaves*
625ml water
300ml Sugar Syrup
Juice of 1 lemon, strained

* If you use tea bags rather than leaves, use 4.

Tea tin from the collection at Tyntesfield © National Trust

Tea tin from the collection at Tyntesfield © National Trust

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Mother’s Day Bakes : the Victorian Way

Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. We look at it as a day to say thanks to our Mums and treat them. It’s roots go back to the 16th century but we’d like to tell you a little about how the Victorian’s marked the day…

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Mothering Sunday was very important and a much valued date in the calendar. Especially if you were a servant working ‘below stairs’. On this day, servants were allowed to return home and visit their families. The fasting requirements of Lent were also relaxed a little so that you could indulge for a day and enjoy some tasty foods.

Did you know… in Shrewsbury girls were encouraged to bake their mothers a Simnel cake? Perhaps the kitchen maids at Attingham Park did this.

An Easter Tea

An Easter Tea

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Mrs Horton’s Recipes… Lemon Curd

Mrs Horton rather likes a spot of lemon curd on her drop scones.

Here’s a favourite recipe…

4 lemons
8 oz caster sugar
4 oz butter
3 eggs

• In a bowl, grate the rind from the lemons,
Squeeze the juice from the lemons and
add the sugar and butter.
• Beat eggs well.
• Put and eggs in a bowl.
• Heat over simmering water until
• Spoon into a sterilised jar and seal.

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Historical Honey Competition: Win a Charlecote goodies bag

One of our favourite history-filled websites is Historical Honey. Have you discovered it yet?

The site recently relaunched and now had lots more features including a competitions page. We were more than happy to provide a prize to our HH friends, especially as they feature a book review of our very own Mistress of Charlecote!


So if you haven’t read Mistress of Charlecote yet, or you haven’t got a very cute toy deer at home, why not head over and enter their competition? The competition is open until 16th December. Who ever wins will have their own little Christmas present winging its way to them in the post not long after!



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