Preserving the pages: fundraising update

We recently told you about a very important project we are fundraising for and thought we should share an update…

Our library books are in need of some first aid / conservation work and we have now, thanks to your donations, arranged for our conservator to start this work in the winter months ahead.

First aid for books!

First aid for books!

Many of our visitors have contributed by buying a short guide to some of the library collection. The sale of these booklets have now raised over £1000! With another month before we reduce our opening for the winter, we’re hoping that we can get a few more pennies (and pounds) in the donations pot…

Added to that is the £1000 donation we received from a private donor and a very generous £2,500 donation from the Coventry National Trust Centre. Continue reading

Hidden Charlecote… your chance to get behind the scenes!

During the winter months, when the house is on its reduced opening for its deep clean, we’re looking to run some special tours for our visitors. These tours will show the ‘hidden’ parts of our place. Rooms and areas not normally open through the year. We will be running these tours with members of our volunteer team, however we need more!

Have you a hankering to delve into the past? Does our special place fascinate and excite you? Do you enjoy talking to people? Would you like to lead a tour at Charlecote?

Visitors on a guided tour... Could you lead them? (©National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra)

Visitors on a guided tour… Could you lead them?
(©National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra)

We’re building up our team of guides and this is a great time to join us!

Don’t be put off!
Don’t be put off if you’re thinking ‘I don’t know enough about the house’ or ‘I haven’t volunteered here before’, that doesn’t matter as training will be provided. The key thing is that you enjoy communicating with people and sharing Charlecote with them. We’ve some training days scheduled for September and October with one of our regional managers. At these training sessions we will put the content of the tours together as a group, everyone will have a chance to influence what goes into the tours and how they are run, and we will also look at what makes a good guided tour.

Go behind the scenes as a tour guide and learn all about the 'Hidden Charlecote'...

Go behind the scenes as a tour guide and learn all about the ‘Hidden Charlecote’…

Get in touch today!
You can read more about this volunteer role by downloading our role profile and submit your volunteer application to us via our website. If you would like an informal chat about the role and what is involved, just get in touch and our volunteer coordinator will be happy to help answer any questions you have.


Tour Guide Role Profile by CharlecoteNT


One of our 'hidden' areas...

One of our ‘hidden’ areas…

Haunted Warwickshire: Charlecote’s Great Hall

We’ve shared ghostly tales with you on this blog before but still we are asked frequently whether or not there have been any strange, supernatural incidents at Charlecote. To be perfectly honest, we’ve not experience anything although we have discovered some stories that have given us chills…


Now this story is about a room we don’t have on our visitor route – the Green Room. This is in the family’s private quarters. It was in an interview conducted with Lady Fairfax-Lucy in a 1984 book, ‘This Haunted Isle’ by Peter that we first hear the story.

Lady Fairfax-Lucy tells of paranormal activity that had been experienced in this Green Room, a former bedroom in the West Wing. This room used to have a door opening on to the Minstrels’ Gallery above the Great Hall.

015- Charlecote- Gran Salon

‘What Minstrells’ Gallery?‘ I hear you cry. Well, you would be right it isn’t there. It was taken down during a period of refurbishments by the family in the 1870s.

The small room which would have led to this gallery would have been used by the musicians before and after playing to guests. Lady Fairfax-Lucy recounted to Mr Underwood how several members of her family, including herself, had heard the ‘unidentifiable hubbub’ of raised voices coming from the space. It sounded like an argument taking place, ‘accompanied by violent actions’.


As stated above, we’ve not experienced anything at all other than the house feeling very loved and very much a happy family home, but sometimes we make sure we’re very quick locking up the house, especially on these dark, foggy evenings…



Hello from the House Elves!

The Charlecote house elf blog has been quiet recently as the team have said goodbye to Sam and welcomed two new elves- Jess and Nic.

As new house elves we’ve been here for 3 months and as well as getting to know everyone we’ve been keen to get stuck in- as you can see from these lovely photos of us hunting for mould in the Drawing Room!

Jess & Nic

Jess & Nic

We’re not the only new starters though. To welcome our new conservation volunteers we had a busy training day to cover the basics of preventative conservation and get to know the new team. The day was a great success, not least because of the very educational Charlecote conservation themed cakes baked by one of our house elves (though there were not many takers for the mould cake)!


We’ve also been getting to grips with the daily conservation tasks, from dusting and vacuuming the house, to building a Christmas tree and hosting a film crew (keep an eye out for the RSC’s production of Love’s Labour’s Lost & Won) – every day has been different.

We’re both looking forward to our time here at Charlecote and hope to keep you updated with what’s going on in the world of the house elves.

Jess & Nic