Update | Lime Tree Avenue fundraising

Earlier this year we asked for your help. 

We’re thrilled that you rose to the occasion and helped us by purchasing a raffle ticket during your visits to Charlecote this season. The money raised through the raffle has been for urgent tree works to the Lime Avenue in West Park.

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These ancient lime trees – two distinct varieties, totalling 133 trees in all – are badly in need of arborial restoration and conservation work. The veteran trees are being managed to reduce the risk of them collapsing as their heartwood inevitably decays and their structures become weakened. We need to ensure that this area of the parkland is safe for our visitors, and it’s a crucial wildlife habitat for many birds, bats and thousands of insects.

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Neil and his wonderful team from Midlands Arboricultural Services have been removing dead and unstable timber, and reducing the canopies at the top of the trees.  This will reduce the weight that the ancient tree limbs have to bear and improve the trees’ longevity.

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Recipe: Curried milk

We recently came across an interesting book in our Second Hand Bookshop called Recipes from the Dairy. It is full of interesting recipes and historical details. We’re sharing a couple of these on the blog.

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This recipe is for a hot milky drink, considered to be both comforting and nourishing, according to the authors (Weir, Liddel & Brears). We’re not sure about this one, but if you try it, let us know what you think!

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Curried Milk

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Preserving the pages: fundraising update

We recently told you about a very important project we are fundraising for and thought we should share an update…

Our library books are in need of some first aid / conservation work and we have now, thanks to your donations, arranged for our conservator to start this work in the winter months ahead.

First aid for books!

First aid for books!

Many of our visitors have contributed by buying a short guide to some of the library collection. The sale of these booklets have now raised over £1000! With another month before we reduce our opening for the winter, we’re hoping that we can get a few more pennies (and pounds) in the donations pot…

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Book talks : Learn more about our Library…

line scrollDid you know we have one of the top libraries in the National Trust? It is one of the rooms our visitors always comment on. There really is something very special about this room.

We’ve been to lots of National Trust houses this year, and one library is much the same as the other. But this one? This one had us exhaling a breathy gasp at just how olde’ worldy it was, with a strong ‘gentlemans’ feel to it. Rows upon rows of encyclopedias and statutes are lined behind wire, and everywhere you look is plush fabric and intricate carvings.
Hardy & Hay, August 2015


We’ve some very special books on those shelves…
Our books have been collected by the Lucy family over four centuries. Many include personal inscriptions inside. We have Milton’s Paradise Lost, Culpepper’s Practise of Physick, an illuminated 14th Century Book of Hours and a copy of Erasmus given by the author to King Henry VIII – to name but a few!

Find out more
Later this year we are offering visitors the chance to enjoy exclusive access to our Great Hall and Library by attending a book talk. You’ll get the opportunity to see some of the volumes close up after hearing talks from our knowledgeable volunteer team.

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