Reblogged: ‘Victorian Christmas at Charlecote Park’

We’re loving seeing everyone’s photos and hearing what they think about Christmas at Charlecote…


In the run up to Christmas I have been trying to visit as many National trust properties as possible, so far so good as I’ve visited 5 in the past 2 weeks. Only drawback is looking at photos and selecting just a few favourites to go into a blog.

So here is my second visit, a Victorian Christmas at National Trust Charlecote Park 

Beautiful 12 Days of Christmas themed decorations. The Billiard Room ships are made by my friend Jana who voluteeers at Charlecote Park. Check out  Jana’s blog

I urge you to visit a National Trust property or properties over the festive period, so many beautiful trees, handmade decorations and wonderful volunteers

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The 12 days of Christmas… 1842

In 1842 the popular Christmas tune, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ was ever so slightly different to what we know of it today. As we are hosting a Victorian Christmas we thought we’d take inspiration from the song recorded by James O Halliwell and create a tree trail…

Charlecote_Christmas Tree Trail 2015

Dotted around the site you’ll find 12 festive trees, each taking one of the ‘days’. Here’s just a peek for you…

line scroll

A partridge in a pear tree…

a partridge in a pear tree

Two Turtle Doves…

two turtle doves_12 days of Christmas tree

Three French hens… Continue reading

Follow our Charlecote Advent countdown…

We love counting down to Christmas (it’s one of the only days of the year we really get off!) and we’ve decided to create our own Charlecote Advent Calendar to help us tick off the days.

We did this last year, showing you what was behind the doors at Charlecote, and it is back as it was very well received.

This year we will be picking Charlecote windows and peeking in (or peering out!) to sharing the view with you. Continue reading

Stir Up Sunday

This Sunday we’re going to be ever so busy in our Victorian Kitchen. Well, it is Stir Up Sunday!!!

Traditionally, this is the day you should all be preparing your Christmas baking. Or more specifically, stirring up your Christmas pudding mix and filling your kitchen with the festive smell of spices and dried citrus peel!

pomander in victorian kitchen at charlecote

Stir Up Sunday dates back to the Victorian times and always falls on the last Sunday before Advent. It is linked to a bible passage ; “Stir up; we beseech thee, O Lord.” Families would attend the church service on Sunday morning and then head home to start in their kitchen. Continue reading