Autumn colours and competitions

Autumn is a colourful time of year. Just wander along the drive towards Charlecote’s Elizabethan Gatehouse and you’ll know. Golden yellows, evergreens and the odd flash of crimson red provide sumptuous views as far as you can see!

Autumnal views to the Gatehouse at Charlecote Park / Jana Eastwood

Autumnal views to the Gatehouse at Charlecote Park / Jana Eastwood

If you’re a keen nature photographer, you’ll also be a big fan of this season. Deer rutting, fungi blooming and leaves falling make wonderful subject matter. So it is an ideal time of year for a photography competition. Or perhaps two…

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Our friends at Cotswold Outdoors have joined forces with National Trust in the Midlands for this seasonal competition.


All we ask of you is to share an autumnal shot with us on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and use the hashtags #NTMidlandsComp . Full terms and conditions are listed on the website and it is important you read them. The closing deadline for the competition is midnight 31.10.16.

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West Park Closed: Deer rut!

We have closed visitor access to West Park over the coming weeks to allow for the deer not to be disturbed during the rut.

West Park - Closed for Rut

This is a vital part of the calendar year for the deer as being continually disturbed will delay the rutting season and this delays fawning in June and fawns are born too late and are unable to go through the next winter with enough body weight. Also the males (bucks) are full of testosterone and they are trying to hold a group of females (doe’s) to something known as a “lek” which is an area of ground marked off by a buck by heavily scenting the area to deter any other bucks from coming in. This can mean that the bucks are unaware of people approaching and can be dangerous both to the deer and people.

The public footpath across West park will remain open but we do remind visitors that you must stay on the highlighted footpath and please do not disturb the deer. Continue reading

Autumn Glow: Photography Competition

You know we love Autumn here at Charlecote. We love the colours, the crisp leaves, the changing views. We also love the changing sounds in the park. Autumn just has that special feeling – that glow – that the other seasons don’t quite manage*.

Autumn glow as captured by Jana, our volunteer photographer.

Autumn glow as captured by Jana, our volunteer photographer.

If you love it too, you might be interested in entering the Midlands ‘Autumn Glow’ competition. The winning entry will receive a fantastic Lumix DMC-TZ70 camera, courtesy of our partner Panasonic. Continue reading

Deer at Dusk : The Rut at Charlecote

line scrollWe love all the seasons, but there is something quite magical about autumn. The changing season changes the colour of the landscape quite dramatically. Golden yellows, burnt oranges and ruby reds, it really can be spectacular.

Charlecote Park_Autumn1

Charlecote Park_ConkersThe Deer
Another thing we start to notice is the deer get quite confident and come closer to the Gatehouse and the main drive. You also start to hear the characteristic bellowing* of the bucks.

The deer rut has started at Charlecote now and we’ve found that the paddock can make a good spot to view the deer because they seem to like the orchard. If you’re lucky, you might see the male deer taking each other on in a clashing of antlers.

Jana, our volunteer photographer, managed to capture this footage last year… Continue reading