Celebrating Chinese New Year through our collections

Today marks Chinese New Year and we’re marking this occassion by highlighting some special items from our collections – both inside and out…

Our House Elves care for such a wide variety of items. The collections includes things such as copper pots, taxidermy, framed portraits, tiny miniatures, carved stonework, family books, as well as a fleet of carriages and an historic harp! But we asked them to pick just a few items to share today – each of them with a Chinese connection.

Here’s just a few of the items they chose;

20160131 CNY_house_fish bowls Continue reading


We love trees. We have some pretty special ones here at Charlecote. But what would you say if you were to write to a tree?

This news article was shared by the Woodland Trust on their facebook page.

The city of Melbourne assigned trees email addresses so citizens could report problems. Instead, people wrote thousands of love letters to their favorite trees.

Read more on citylab.com

It got us thinking. Which of our trees would we write to and what would we say?


BBC Countryfile at Charlecote Park

Have you heard? We’re going to be on TV! The team from BBC Countryfile were here filming for an upcoming episode.


201505100 facebook header - Countryfile2

Here’s a little insight into the day from our volunteer photographer, Jana…

“As many of you know, I love volunteering at The National Trust’s Charlecote Park. It is such an amazing experience to be out and about in the park with all the animals and wildlife, I find it so interesting and I have learned so much. The Charlecote team of staff and volunteers are one of the nicest group of people I have met in a very long time. It feels like one big family. Being a volunteer photographer, my role is a little different from most other volunteer and staff members at Charlecote and one I feel very privileged to have.


There are so many things I enjoy about my role, far too many to list but if you are a regular reader of my blogs, you will already know some of them. This week BBC Countryfile presenter Matt Baker visited Charlecote Park with his team to film a series of clips for an up and coming show with Paul Smith (Head Gardener) and Adam Maher (Head Ranger) both also share the role of acting Park and Garden Manager. BBC Countryfile featuring Charlecote Park and Charlecote Mill will be aired on Sunday 24th of May on BBC1 at 7pm and I for one can’t wait!


My day started in Places Meadow with Matt Baker and Adam. Many of you will know Places Meadow as the Buttercup Meadow and I can tell you that the buttercups are starting to show already, it won’t …

Read more of this blog and see photos on Jana’s blog