Update | Lime Tree Avenue fundraising

Earlier this year we asked for your help. 

We’re thrilled that you rose to the occasion and helped us by purchasing a raffle ticket during your visits to Charlecote this season. The money raised through the raffle has been for urgent tree works to the Lime Avenue in West Park.

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These ancient lime trees – two distinct varieties, totalling 133 trees in all – are badly in need of arborial restoration and conservation work. The veteran trees are being managed to reduce the risk of them collapsing as their heartwood inevitably decays and their structures become weakened. We need to ensure that this area of the parkland is safe for our visitors, and it’s a crucial wildlife habitat for many birds, bats and thousands of insects.

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Neil and his wonderful team from Midlands Arboricultural Services have been removing dead and unstable timber, and reducing the canopies at the top of the trees.  This will reduce the weight that the ancient tree limbs have to bear and improve the trees’ longevity.

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Give books and help save a collection

We need to raise funds for specialist conservators to help us repair and care for around 3,500 books in our care and you can help us…

The Library at Charlecote Park is one of the best libraries in the care of the National Trust and contains many rare and important volumes. As beautiful as it looks, our riverside location creates damp which can prove disastrous for old papers.

Len in the library at Charlecote

Specialist conservation work comes at quite a cost and with so many books needing attention, it is a long process too.


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But how can you help?

There are  some very easy ways you can support our work: Continue reading