Give books and help save a collection

We need to raise funds for specialist conservators to help us repair and care for around 3,500 books in our care and you can help us…

The Library at Charlecote Park is one of the best libraries in the care of the National Trust and contains many rare and important volumes. As beautiful as it looks, our riverside location creates damp which can prove disastrous for old papers.

Len in the library at Charlecote

Specialist conservation work comes at quite a cost and with so many books needing attention, it is a long process too.


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But how can you help?

There are  some very easy ways you can support our work:

  1. Drop a donation into the jar when visiting the Library.
    You may also see some of the team in action. Where possible, we like to do as much of our work in front of visitors so you can discover more of our surprising treasures.
  2. Buy a book from our Stables 2nd Hand Bookshop.
    Take a moment to browse through our donated books and perhaps buy one or two, knowing that your loose change can make a real change for our collection.
  3. Donate some of your pre-loved books to our 2nd Hand Bookshop.
    After a busy summer season the shelves are looking bare and we desperately need more stock. If you’ve an old book (or ten!) lurking on a shelf that you no longer read we’d love to have it. As long as it is good quality we don’t mind too much about subject matter – our visitors do love the fiction paperbacks!
    Books can be dropped off at reception or the 2nd Hand Bookshop. If you bring a car full our team will be able to help unload too.


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As a charity, we are very grateful of all the support given to us and all money raised at Charlecote, stays at Charlecote.




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