Tree work needed on Lime Avenue: We need your help!

This year we are fundraising to enable us to carry out tree work to our historic Lime Avenue. Many visitors are helping us reach our goal by purchasing a raffle ticket when they visit Charlecote.

But what exactly are we looking to do…

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Our ancient Evergreen Lime trees – totalling 133! – are badly in need of tree work.


There are considerable weak branches and at the moment the avenue is closed to the public. The work will involve a specialist tree surgeon taking out the dead wood, pruning, branch reduction and reducing the height.

We are planning to undertake this work in the months between April to September 2016 – whilst avoiding key nesting seasons for our resident birds and our other wildlife. This will cost in the region of £25,000 so every raffle ticket sale help!


Interesting fact!
The lime avenue was originally the old road from Wellesbourne to Stratford!

We have raffle tickets for sale at Charlecote and all money raised this year will go to this project. Raffle tickets are £1 and you will be entered into a national draw on 18 November 2016  where the first prize is £10,000!


2016 Charlecote Raffle Poster_final

Our park is a very special place for so many people and a haven to our wildlife. There is so much to explore and appreciate within it. Please help us maintain it.

We have already sold over 2,000 tickets and are very grateful to all who are supporting us thus far. This is a really important source of income for us and over the years, raffle funds have contributed to fruit trees in the orchard, display cases in the house, and repairs to the stonework around the gardens.

If you would like more information on the project or would like to buy a ticket to support our work, just speak to a member of the team on your visit to Charlecote or get in touch.

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For further information and terms and conditions visit


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