Sharing Sonnets at Charlecote Park

Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating 400 years of Shakespeare.  As part of our Charlecote celebrations we asked visitors to help us write sonnets at the writing desk of Mary Elizabeth, Mistress of Charlecote. We were really impressed with your contributions and wanted to share some on the lines you wrote.

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Here we are at Charlecote park, A family day out what a lark.

William Shakespeare was caught poaching here!
(Matthew Aged 34)

Tulips bloom in rampant, sunny splendour

The deer roamed the park at will, fish saw swiftly

The eternal sunshine ripples beyond the fields and sky.

Here in Charlecote House we live, love and Laugh

Its beautiful walls and ceilings divine

There are over 360 pikes on the carpet (Poppy age 7)

Play billiards while we drink wine, so divine

The rooms are grand and full of precious things

Elizabeth the 1st stayed for two nights ( Olivia Age 11)

Hark, Hark, tis Mary Elizabeth’s on her Harp!

The Sun is Bright and throws it’s light

To be in to be out that is the question?

Our thanks to all who helped pen a line.

 ©National Trust Images/James Dobson

©National Trust Images/James Dobson

“As Shakespeare said upon his day, Thou art more lovely than a Summers day, and still holds to this day.”

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And finally… Here are some sonnets written by our own volunteers about Charlecote Park.

Past fields of Jacob’s sheep and fallow deer, Down avenues behold its striking height,
The Lucys’ home since Tudor times stands here. The porch recalls their Queen once stayed the night. The Hall! Vast walls which show the fam’ly’s past, Five hundred years of Lucys and their kin,
In paintings, coats of arms, heraldic glass. It’s here the poacher Bard confessed his sin.
Now see the rooms where Mary made her mark And filled with lots George bought on Beckford’s fall,
Extended, while on Tour they both embarked, Returning, shared a home admired by all. What was a place of priv’lege few would see, Is now in National Trust for you and me.

By Roger Cooper

How can you not be inspired by this landscape!

How can you not be inspired by this landscape!

How much I’d like to visit Charlecote Park And stroll amongst the cattle and the deer, To listen to the warbling of the lark
And watch the herons come from far and near, To come beneath the Gatehouse to see more And pass the yew trees in the verdant court, To enter through the house’s ancient door
And see where Shakespeare stood, or so we’re taught.
He’d come to where Sir Thomas Lucy sat In all his pomp and full judicial state,
He bowed his head and doffed his lowly hat To hear the humble poacher’s dreadful fate.
Thus would I learn of Charlecote’s glorious past And finally be satisfied – at last.

By Geoff Freeman


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Feeling creative?
We’d love to read your own poems and sonnets or see any drawings or photos inspired by a visit to Charlecote!


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