Say it (secretly?) with flowers

Flowers are often given to Mum’s on Mothering Sunday. Who doesn’t love a bunch of blooms?! But did you know that the flowers you choose have hidden importance. Read more to find out whether you’ve sent the right ones…

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The Victorians believed flowers had meanings. So whatever flower you were given was a secret message of feelings. For example, take Tulips – a good Spring flower.
The colour of the tulip is important. A pink tulip means caring, purple is Royalty,
red a declaration of love, white is forgiveness and yellow is hopelessly in love.


Mixed messages in the parterre?

Those of the Victorian era liked to make up bouquets. They were called Tussie-Mussies‘talking flowers or bouquets’. These small bouquets of flowers, wrapped in a lace doily and tied with satin, made wonderful gifts. The intrigue of secret messages sent this way, became a popular pastime.

French tussie mussie

French tussie mussie

Why not revive this tradition on Mother’s Day by following our guide below and downloading one of our cards to print from home.

Secret meaning of flowers_v1

Click on the titles to download our cards. You just need to print at home, write your message and it’s ready for Mum!

Charlecote Card_Mothers Day_Pink Rose

Charlecote Card_Mothers Day_Red Tulip

Charlecote Card_Mothers Day_Primrose

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