A very Victorian ‘Pancake Day’

Today, the day before Lent begins, is traditionally known as Shrove Tuesday. The Victorians were known to celebrate with Pancakes much like we do today.

victorian kitchen pancakes charlecote

After a Church service, where parishioners were absolved of sin, pancakes would be made at home using eggs, fat, sugar and/or meat.

What do you adorn your pancake with? We’re quite tempted to try some of our National Trust curds but are open to suggestions.

Eating pancakes could be quite a communal activity for the Victorians and often followed by games. Ever heard of the Atherstone Ball Game? Read all about it on ‘Our Warwickshire‘. Many towns still have Pancake races (Warwick is one such place).
One last day of fun before the season of Lent, and fasting, begins.

Food & Cooking in Victorian England: A History by Andrea Broomfield

Keeping up with the fun element of the day, how about a bit of extreme pancake tossing, National Trust style?

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