Celebrating Chinese New Year through our collections

Today marks Chinese New Year and we’re marking this occassion by highlighting some special items from our collections – both inside and out…

Our House Elves care for such a wide variety of items. The collections includes things such as copper pots, taxidermy, framed portraits, tiny miniatures, carved stonework, family books, as well as a fleet of carriages and an historic harp! But we asked them to pick just a few items to share today – each of them with a Chinese connection.

Here’s just a few of the items they chose;

20160131 CNY_house_fish bowls

20160131 CNY_House_screen

20160131 CNY_house_pagodas

line scroll

And not wanting to leave out our Garden team who tend to many plants that were introduced to the country years ago by plant hunters*. We sometimes take them for granted and don’t realise the plant heritage within the grounds. Our gardener Matt is keen that you take a second look at these over the coming months…

Astilbe chinensis at Charlecote Park

20160131 CNY_garden_wisteria

20160131 CNY_garden_peony

*A local plant hunter named Charles Maries (1851 – 1902) of nearby Hampton Lucy, started in China before finishing in India. He left for Shanghai in February 1877 and then went on to Japan and Formosa.  His plant hunting was so successful that he was sent back to China and Japan in 1878, and again in 1879.  He collected many specimens from his journeys to  and sent them back to England.

A number of the plants he collected are in the village of Hampton Lucy – why not follow the Charles Maries trail?

We’ll be sharing a few more of these images on our facebook page, so head over and discover more of our surprising treasures!

line scroll

And we’re very much hoping that we’ve got this right …

猴年吉祥  Hóunián jíxiáng

“Good luck for this Monkey year!”



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