Jana’s Gingerbread Charlecote

If you’ve been to Charlecote over the past few weeks you may well have seen the wonderful gingerbread creation that has been on display. It has been very patiently baked and built by one of our volunteers – Jana.

Want to know how on earth she managed it? Read on…

Isn’t it funny how a joke one year can end up turning into something real the next? It was a year ago when a National Trust Gingerbread House appeared in my feed on twitter and a joke was made that Charlecote Park should be made out of gingerbread because it is the right colour.

Charlecote gingerbread house

One year later after seeing a National Trust recipe for a gingerbread house which said at the bottom of the recipe. ..’you can give it the National Trust twist and make one of our houses’…..Well……I thought about it…….then though why not? I took it as an NT Challenge and I would give it a go. No harm in trying, not like I had ever made a gingerbread house before.This would be my very first one!
Here is a link to the recipe.

So many people have asked how I made this house so this is how…….

I started my Charlecote Gingerbread House with a lot of research and printing off loads of photos of Charlecote from every angle you could imagine so that I could draw it first. I used a photo of a very old map that hangs in the conference room to help plan the size and proportions. (A copy of this map could be seen in the kitchen scullery just before the Christmas decorations went up). I printed it off and cut the house out as you can see in the pictures below. This map was a great help. Luckily being the Volunteer Photographer at Charlecote, I had all the photos I would need 🙂20151107_153825



Read Jana’s full post by visiting her blog or watching this super speedy video she’s also created.

We’d love to see any of your own inventive creations inspired by National Trust places!

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