Stir Up Sunday

This Sunday we’re going to be ever so busy in our Victorian Kitchen. Well, it is Stir Up Sunday!!!

Traditionally, this is the day you should all be preparing your Christmas baking. Or more specifically, stirring up your Christmas pudding mix and filling your kitchen with the festive smell of spices and dried citrus peel!

pomander in victorian kitchen at charlecote

Stir Up Sunday dates back to the Victorian times and always falls on the last Sunday before Advent. It is linked to a bible passage ; “Stir up; we beseech thee, O Lord.” Families would attend the church service on Sunday morning and then head home to start in their kitchen.

Our costumed volunteers will be preparing the pudding mix and would love a helping hand if you’re visiting…

We're always looking for extra kitchen hands...

We’re always looking for extra kitchen hands…

line scroll

If you’re not a fan of Christmas pudding, or you’d like a challenge, why not have a go at this recipe for Nesselrode Pudding? It was also popular with the Victorians and would impress any guest at your festive dining table.

Christmas dinner table victorian



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