Deer at Dusk : The Rut at Charlecote

line scrollWe love all the seasons, but there is something quite magical about autumn. The changing season changes the colour of the landscape quite dramatically. Golden yellows, burnt oranges and ruby reds, it really can be spectacular.

Charlecote Park_Autumn1

Charlecote Park_ConkersThe Deer
Another thing we start to notice is the deer get quite confident and come closer to the Gatehouse and the main drive. You also start to hear the characteristic bellowing* of the bucks.

The deer rut has started at Charlecote now and we’ve found that the paddock can make a good spot to view the deer because they seem to like the orchard. If you’re lucky, you might see the male deer taking each other on in a clashing of antlers.

Jana, our volunteer photographer, managed to capture this footage last year…

Join us for a deer walk
We have a series of walks planned at dawn and dusk over the coming weeks to give you the opportunity to experience the park at this magical time. Tickets are £10 per person and they do sell out, so don’t delay – call up and book!
Deer at Dawn: 24 Oct / 30 Oct
Deer at Dusk: 17 Oct / 31 Oct / 6 Nov / 14 Nov


Charlecote_Deer rut_2

* If you’re particularly interested in this form of deer communication, you might like to read up on some research carried out at another National Trust deer park, Petworth.

During the deer’s breeding season, or rut, the researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and ETH Zürich, played male fallow deer (bucks) in Petworth Park in West Sussex, a variety of different calls that had been digitally manipulated to change the pitch and length and analysed their responses. The bucks treated lower pitched and longer calls as more threatening, by looking towards source of the call sooner and for longer, than others.

Read more…

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For more information about our park, visit the website where we have lots of information on all aspects of park life, or browse some of our previous blog posts.


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