Hardy & Hay review: National Trust’s Charlecote Park

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Originally posted on Hardy & Hay – A lifestyle blog written by a few 20-something Brits. We like fun, food and photographs:

‘This morning, the four of us hopped in the car and made our way over to Charlecote Park in Warwickshire. Charlecote is a Tudor-turned-Georgian-turned-Victorian Manor House, managed by the National Trust but lived in by the Lucy family – a family who have in fact owned land in this patch of England (between Warwick Castle and Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon) since the 1200s! 

The Lucy family still live here today in a wing of the house, but much of the Park (and the building itself too) is open to the public. As members of the National Trust, we skipped inside for free and set about snapping photographs in the grounds.


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As with every National Trust property we visit, we began our day in the Orangery to survey the menu. We tucked into hot sausage baguettes, sandwiches and steaming jacket potatoes, and enjoyed the natural light and friendly atmosphere.

Bellies full and waistbands readjusted, we set off to find our way into the entrance hall….The entrance to Charlecote dates back to the Tudor period and so (being one of my favourite time periods in English history) was one of my favourite rooms in the entire house. There are busks and portraits of the likes of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I arranged around this property, as well as more recent kings and queens and other notables.’


< Read more about the visit to Charlecote and stunning images taken by Hardy & Hay on their blog >

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We love reading your blogs so do let us know if you’ve written about a visit to Charlecote.

We’re really pleased that the Hardy & Hay guys enjoyed their day but even more so that they are getting the use out of their National Trust Young Person memberships. This type of membership offers great value at just £30 for a whole year of days out for our visitors aged 13 – 25 years old.

‘It’s the best £30 we’ve spent all year as it’s given us so many good days out together and opened our eyes to a part of England so many people don’t see! We’ll be writing a post about why you should become a National Trust member within the next week or two – so if you need a little more persuading, keep your eyes peeled!’
Hardy & Hay


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