A visit to Charlecote Mill

A few weeks ago, our retail team went on a stroll to the village mill. They wanted to find out where the flour sold in our shop comes from. Here at Charlecote we love local food and we can’t get any more local than the produce from our own village!

Karl is our miller and he very kindly spent some time with our team showing them how the mill operates.

Charlecote is not a museum occasionally grinding flour as many water and windmills now are.  Charlecote is a piece of living working history and one of only a small handful of surviving commercial working watermills in the UK.  Producing traditionally stoneground flours through French Burr Stones every weekday (when the water levels allow), the mill is a constant hive of activity but retains all the atmosphere and charm of a mill run in Victorian times.  Most of the processes we use are as they would have been over 200 years ago and wherever possible grain is still sourced from local farms keeping our food miles to almost zero!  Almost everything is done using the power of the two waterwheels, as it always was, and all of our products are hand finished and hand packed personally by Karl, the Miller.  Mechanisation in a modern sense has never caught on at Charlecote; this truly is a place where time stands still and where quality and tradition blend perfectly to produce the unique Charlecote flours.

Find out more www.charlecotemill.co.uk


You can buy the flour in our Pantry Shop which is open daily (see website for hours). The flour is also used by our costumed volunteers in the Victorian Kitchen who swear by it!

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