Charlecote at The RSC… on DVD!

You may remember how excited we were last year when Christopher Luscombe decided to use Charlecote as his backdrop to the RSC productions of Love’s Labours Lost and Loves Labours Won. We shared a series of posts which you can still read through right here on our blog.

We’re were thrilled to see Charlecote on stage, looking fabulous. The set designers had worked some spectacular stage magic and the actors really brought the sets to life. It was strange and so familiar.The thought of all those people in the theatre enjoying a Charlecote view was wonderful. Even more so when it was shown to cinemas earlier this year.


WP_20141015_002 (2)

63184-loves-labours-lostloves-labours-won-boxset-dvd-2015-normalSo when the productions came to an end, we were quite sad. Now, however, the excitement is building because The RSC are releasing the recordings on DVD and Blu-ray in September.

The Box Set includes an exclusive special edition double-sided poster as well as a director’s commentary with Christopher Luscombe and Assistant Director Guy Unsworth.

We have already pre-ordered our copies. Have you?

Find out more by visiting the RSC online shop.


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