XH558 Avro Vulcan flies over Charlecote Park

On Sunday 28 June the Vulcan XH588 continued on her V force tour. We were very excited to see her fly over Charlecote. There were great crowds gathered to watch at Wellesbourne Airfield but the Gatehouse  roof made an excellent viewing point for a lucky few members of our team!


The Avro Vulcan is an iconic example of British aerospace engineering at its world-beating best. Its impressive list of technical achievements includes being the first successful large delta wing aircraft, leading directly to Concorde and the Space Shuttle, and delivering performance and agility so close to a jet fighter’s that it was given a fighter-style control column in place of the traditional bomber pilot’s yoke. Today that agility allows XH558 to deliver amazing air displays, which unfortunately must finish this year as her time as a flying aircraft draws to an end.

Find out more on the ‘Vulcan to the Sky’ website.

Our volunteer photographer, Jana, was also onsite and manged to get some impressive images…


IMG_5516 IMG_8290 IMG_8295 IMG_8316 IMG_8338

Did you see her too?


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