Practice makes perfect : Fire alarms

We have had a number of fire evacuation practices over the past month and would like to say a huge thank you to all of our staff, volunteers and visitors who have been part of this vital exercise.

With recent events at Clandon at the forefront of our mind, these drills are feeling so much more important.


It is very important that we complete fire drills regularly. It ensures our team are all familiar with our emergency procedures. These drills often take place when we are open and have visitors on site. Whilst we are aware this can be disruptive to your visit, it is hugely important that we know how to get everyone out of the buildings as quickly and calmly as possible. You are helping us hugely when you take part in our practice runs.

Because our team of volunteers is so large we do need to run these drills on a number of different days and times.

We hope we never have to evacuate with a real situation, but we’ll keep practicing just in case.

If you hear an alarm bell ringing whilst visiting a National Trust place – or any place – it may be real, so please follow instructions from a member of the team.


Galvanised iron fire bucket. Painted red with 'Fire' in white. (ii) Stable next to Brewhouse

Galvanised iron fire bucket. Painted red with ‘Fire’ in white (Erddig)

To find out about the fire at Clandon Park and the salvage operation that is underway visit the website and NT YouTube Channel

To donate to the National Trust go to


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