Preserving the pages: Selling books to conserve books!

In July, we’re raising money for the Library through our 2nd Hand Book Shop. From 1st July-8th July 2015 all proceeds from the 2nd hand bookshop will go directly to our book conservation fund.

But why do we need to raise money for the Library? Or more specifically, for conservators?


We have 3,500 books in our library. They are more than shelf fillers. They’re a very special part of our collection. Many of the books are full of handwritten inscriptions and annotations. These little notes were written by the members of the Lucy family who read the books.

In amongst the Racing Calendars and novels are some very special gems. Did you know that we have a Shakespeare Second Folio, an illuminated 14th Century Book of Hours and a copy of Erasmus given by the author to King Henry VIII?


Family records preserved in our Library


‘An account of the Charlecote Burglary’


The Lucys of Charlecote By Mary Elizabeth Lucy

We’d like to make these books more accessible to all our visitors and are currently looking at different ways of doing this.

It can be quite a challenge looking after such a number of rare and important volumes! At the moment we’re trying to raise funds to enable us to look after these books, many of which need specialist care and repair from specialist conservators.

First aid for books!

First aid for books!

So if you’re visiting at this time, please do pop in to our bookshop. Take some time to look through our donated books and perhaps buy one or two knowing your loose change is making a real change for our collection. We also have a collection pot in the Library along with more information on the project and our wonderful treasures. Look out for more of our fundraising activities throughout the year!


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