Recipe : Honey Cake

One of our volunteers, Jana, has been baking with our own Charlecote honey. She has made a wonderful Czech Honey Cake and has shared the recipe on her blog. It takes THREE days to make this cake but it will be worth it!

Earlier this year I had a wonderful experience with the volunteer Bee Keepers at Charlecote Park and I was able to see inside the hives and how the honey was made.

It seemed only right that once the honey had been collected from the hives that I made something very special with it. I decided on a very old recipe and it all went so well together.

IMG_5295small copy

The cake is made from a very old Czech recipe and is called ‘Medovnik’.

Medovnik translates as ‘Honey Cake’ and is one of the oldest cakes in Europe. It is very popular through Central, Northern and Eastern Europe and I have found that each area has it’s own twist on the recipe. This cake is not a quick cake to make as it takes three days from start to end but don’t let this put you off making it. It is well worth the effort. Plus, the second to the third day is the hardest as all you have to do is wait to eat it 🙂 This recipe can be cut down to two days if, instead of making your own caramel, you buy some ready made but I will explain this as I go along.

Read more of Jana’s blog to find out the method and ingredients required


How do you enjoy your honey? Smeared on toast for me! Perhaps I should try this recipe one day. Why not share your recipes with us? Leave a comment below or get in touch.

honey2small copy

Charlecote honey can be bought in our shop. We also use the honey in some of our dishes in the Orangery tea room. Find out more on the website.


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