Haunted Warwickshire: Charlecote’s Great Hall

We’ve shared ghostly tales with you on this blog before but still we are asked frequently whether or not there have been any strange, supernatural incidents at Charlecote. To be perfectly honest, we’ve not experience anything although we have discovered some stories that have given us chills…


Now this story is about a room we don’t have on our visitor route – the Green Room. This is in the family’s private quarters. It was in an interview conducted with Lady Fairfax-Lucy in a 1984 book, ‘This Haunted Isle’ by Peter that we first hear the story.

Lady Fairfax-Lucy tells of paranormal activity that had been experienced in this Green Room, a former bedroom in the West Wing. This room used to have a door opening on to the Minstrels’ Gallery above the Great Hall.

015- Charlecote- Gran Salon

‘What Minstrells’ Gallery?‘ I hear you cry. Well, you would be right it isn’t there. It was taken down during a period of refurbishments by the family in the 1870s.

The small room which would have led to this gallery would have been used by the musicians before and after playing to guests. Lady Fairfax-Lucy recounted to Mr Underwood how several members of her family, including herself, had heard the ‘unidentifiable hubbub’ of raised voices coming from the space. It sounded like an argument taking place, ‘accompanied by violent actions’.


As stated above, we’ve not experienced anything at all other than the house feeling very loved and very much a happy family home, but sometimes we make sure we’re very quick locking up the house, especially on these dark, foggy evenings…



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