Charlecote takes to the stage : Love’s Labour’s Lost / Love’s Labour’s Won at RSC

We are thrilled that Christopher Luscombe, a director at The RSC, felt so inspired by Charlecote that he decided to set his latest Shakespeare plays here.



Read more of this insightful interview in Midlands What’s On

Love’s Labour’s Lost and Love’s Labour’s Won is on at the RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon,  from 23 September. To find out more and to book tickets visit the RSC website.

We are very much looking forward to seeing how Charlecote looks on stage, especially as we had a sneak peek when lead actors visited site for their promo photos! You can view some of them on the RSC webpage. And don’t forget to also watch the trailer…

Are you planning to see these plays in Stratford? Do let us know what you thought!
Don’t worry if you’re unable to make it to the RSC, your local cinema may well be screening the live show in Feb/March 2015. More information on that can be found online.



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