Busy as a bee: A day in the life of our volunteer photographer

Have you enjoyed the photos of Charlecote we’ve shared on our website, twitter or facebook? Chances are they were taken by the lovely Jana, our volunteer photographer. 

As well as taking photos for us, Jana also blogs about her photography and the places she visits. We’re delighted to feature quite regularly on her blog and felt it was about time we returned the favour!

Jana joined us recently to find out more about our bees and the team of volunteers who look after them…


“Setting out for Charlecote Park I was a little nervous as I was about to complete a new experience for me. I was going to be dressed in a Beekeepers outfit and photograph the bees, but what an experience it was, not only did I get to take photos and record what was going on inside the hives, but I also learned so much. The volunteer Bee Keepers explained all the different sections to me and showed me everything that was going on in the hives. It was really interesting and I was able to see the important bit – The Honey!”



Our thanks to Jana for sharing these stunning images and her enthusiasm for Charlecote. We can’t wait to see what other fantastic images she’ll capture in the months ahead!

We really do depend on our fantastic team of volunteers. They help us in ALL aspects of opening and caring for the site.
If you want to find out more about our current opportunities,  visit our website or contact us for an information pack and a chat.



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