On this day… 1842

We all know that lovely feeling. You’ve been on a very long journey and are almost home. You can’t wait to get back to the place you know, get the kettle on and settle in. Just imagine how you’d feel if you’d been away for 2 years.

Our Mistress of Charlecote, Mary Elizabeth, embarked on an adventure – a Grand Tour of Europe – in 1840. She ventured to many places including Rome – where she was unimpressed with the cleanliness of their suite of apartments – Paris and Zurich! It wasn’t all joyous, as you will pick up from reading the memoirs of Mary Elizabeth.

Here is the account of their emotional return to Charlecote…

At last, on the 20th of May 1842 our carriage rumbled under the Charlecote Gatehouse followed by the chaise out of which climbed Spencer and Aymer, their two sisters and the nurse carrying darling Berkeley who was scarcely ten months old. How great was our thankfulness at returning to the dear old place after nearly two years. Home, sweet home, there is no place half so dear to me, but my eyes did not remain dry when I though of the deaths of two most dear and lovely boys, no longer here, and when I went to the nursery grief filled up the room of my absent children.

Mistress of Charlecote, Chapter 3
1829 – 1843 Dark Leaves in the Wreath

Home sweet home - Photo by Becky and shared in our flickr group

Home sweet home
– Photo by Becky and shared in our flickr group

You can find this book, Mistress of Charlecote, for sale in our Servants’ Hall and Pantry shops. But do pop back here from time to time as we love to share the stories of Charlecote in our ‘On this day’ series.


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