‘Our Day Out At Charlecote Park’ by the Reading Residence

Wondering what to do this Easter? Why not join us for our Easter activities? We know of one family who we will definitely be seeing…

“We popped down the motorway to another new National Trust property at the weekend, Charlecote Park (well, it was new to us, it’s been their since the 12th century, so not all that ‘new’!).

On walking through reception, you then go back outside and across a road, and commence the lovely walk down to the property, complete with muddy puddles to play in…

Charlecote Park Mar14 003a

It’s a beautiful view of the house and outbuildings, but we also got to see the herd of fallow deer they have grazing there..

Charlecote Park Mar14 002a

On arrival, it was time for lunch, so were straight off to the lovely orangery restaurant they have there. I had a rather delicious sausage roll ;-). Then we were back out exploring the grounds…

Charlecote outside

< Read more about the Reading Residence’s day out here… >

Weather aside, it was a truly lovely place, and one we’ll be certain to return to. We’re thinking this may be our place of choice for the Easter Egg hunt, so we will be back. Here’s hoping our next trip out update is a dry one!

Well, we can’t promise the best weather (although we’ve put in our order for sunshine, so fingers crossed it delivers!) – we know that there will be lots of chocolate about which sort of makes up for it…

Huge thanks to the Reading Residence for sharing their blog and beautiful photos of their day out.

Easter 2011 piggy back

Why not join us yourself and wander round the grounds looking for Eggs – who knows you might even find a real one! Our trail runs for 4 days on 18 – 21 April from 11am – 4pm, extra activities will be supplied by our sponsor – Cadbury.  There are lots of details available on the Cadbury website about how you can join in the fun!




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