Energy Saving in the restaurant… (2)

This is part 2 of a post we shared with you on 12 March, sharing some news about how we’re going green in the restaurant!

When you talk about ‘green issues’, environmental concerns and ‘doing your bit’ it can easily conjure up images of protestors in trees, wind farms and other such acts that you hear and read about in the news. However in reality it is quite the opposite, and to coin a well-known phrase ‘every little helps’, which is the approach we have taken in The Orangery Restaurant at Charlecote Park.

What’s currently happening:-

·         In the main chandeliers based in the restaurant, all of the bulbs are now ‘28w Candle energy saving halogen bulbs’

·         Just above the main light switches is a notice asking ‘Do you need to turn them on’?
This does indeed sound basic but how many times at home or work do you turn on lights as a force of habit and not because they are needed!

·         In the outdoor seating area we have separated our rubbish bins. One bin is now for paper, card, plastic, glass and metal and the other being non-recyclable waste.



·         Rubbish that comes from clearing the tables and the general restaurant is divided up by catering staff and then taken to the main on site recycle bins at the end of each working day. As you can see in the picture below, we can and do recycle:-

Glass such as drinks bottles and jam jars

Paper and card

Cans such as food cans, aluminium trays and foil

Plastic such as plastic take out cups, milk cartons and sandwich packaging


Few facts to highlight why all this is important:-

1.       If all cans in the UK were recycled, we would need 14 million fewer dustbins! This makes more sense when you put it into perspective and consider we annually produce 51,000 tonnes of aluminium cans.

2.       One recycled glass bottle would save enough energy to power a computer for 25minutes

3.       1,000 milk plastic cartons and other bottles can be found in just one recycled plastic bench.

4.       Plastic can take around 400 years to break down if it was put in a landfill site and not recycled.

5.       It takes 24 trees to make 1 ton of newspaper!

It’s very easy to look at some of these points and see them as obvious or basic but this is always the best place to start and build upon and in fact it’s these simple points that are the ones that get missed the most. In the busy catering environment at Charlecote it’s easy to forget the part we can play with regards ‘going greener’ but I’m hoping we have given you an insight in what we get up to and does indeed demonstrate we take it seriously and its continually evolving.

Paul, Assistant Catering Manager


One thought on “Energy Saving in the restaurant… (2)

  1. Energy-Radiators in the House
    A visitor told me that these radiators came from New York and you could order them from a brochure, select your design, and then your engineer could make up the radiator from segments to a length to fit the room. Interesting?
    1872 Nelson H Bundy of New York patented the ‘Bundy Loop Cast Iron Radiator’.
    1875 The American Radiator Company opened a Sales Office in London, becoming the leading supplier of flamboyant, ornate, American designed cast iron radiators in the UK.

    1905 Such was the demand that they opened a factory in Hull.

    It looks like our visitor could be right.
    Brian B Wood
    NT Volunteer

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