Energy saving in the restaurant… (1)

Our catering team look like they’re getting ready for Shakespeare Week in this photo…

Joe looks as if he is ready to burst into Shakespearean prose! ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day…’ or is it ‘Alas poor light bulb‘?

We’ve now replaced all the bulbs in our restaurant chandeliers with energy saving halogen candle style bulbs. This is all part of our on-going bid to reduce our energy consumption and become greener in all areas of our work. Our SMART meter charts daily usage so we can track the savings we are making. This is sure to add up over the course of a year, especially when you consider that the restaurant is open every day for at least 6 hours!

We also have another handy gadget in our energy saving tool kit – a real time electricity monitor.

energy monitor

At the moment this is recording the energy used to power one of our catering ovens. We know it is not the most efficient model as it has been in place for many years now and are therefore in the process of purchasing a replacement. To help us see the savings this will make, we’ve attached this monitor to the current (old) oven to see what we’re using. When the new oven is in place, we’ll do the same and compare.

Look out for another post coming soon from our Assistant Catering Manager about some of the green actions already in action!

Did you know we’re part of the West Midlands Greening Museum project?

Find out how the rest of the cohort are doing on the Greening Museums site!



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