Rachel and Lee and their ‘Valentine’s Day Tree Planting’

You may remember we were looking for couples with a special link to Charlecote for our Celebration Tree planting last month. Well, we found a very special couple indeed. Rachel and Lee.

Rachel and Lee were known to us, albeit distantly, as they often fly across the park to nearby Wellesbourne Airfield with their company – Air Experiences.  Rachel had also provide some amazing photographs of Charlecote with the sun setting as well as the recent flood waters that covered vast areas of our land. What we didn’t know was the romantic story that links them to the park…

It isn’t often that one gets invited to plant a tree, but this delightful opportunity was extended to Lee and me this Valentine’s Day as part of a special project at Charlecote Park, a National Trust property near us.

It all started a couple of months ago, when I wrote an article about Charlecote Park for the online version of Warwickshire Life magazine. The staff at Charlecote found my post on Twitter and liked the bit I wrote about how we often fly over Charlecote Park and it’s the sign that says ‘we’re home’ when we’ve been out flying. So they got in touch with me and invited me to take part in their Celebratree Project: a scheme to plant twenty new trees in the grounds of Charlecote Park during the first few months of 2014. They wanted local people with a special connection to Charlecote to do the planting – such a lovely idea.


What I hadn’t mentioned in my original Warwickshire Life post was that Lee and I spent part of our first date at Charlecote, back in October 2012. We flew in to Wellesbourne to refuel and we walked over to Charlecote and had a walk around the gardens, chatting nineteen to the dozen, before heading back to the airfield and taking off for a flight into Wales and back up the Bristol Channel. It was a fantastic and memorable day, and Charlecote has had special memories for us ever since.

I told all this to Lisa, the Park and Gardens Manager at Charlecote, and…

< Read more on Rachel’s blog >

Our wonderful volunteer photographer, Jana, has also blogged about this very special tree planting and has included lots of great photos. Do take a look!

Celebration Tree_Logo


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