Celebration Trees: ‘Made to feel special’…

We’re now in full swing with our Celebration Tree plantings. All 20 of the trees have been allocated to people who have been in touch and sharing their stories of Charlecote and celebrations they’re having in 2014.

We’re posting photos of the planting on our facebook page and a few videos on our YouTube channel – so do have a look if you have a moment.

In the mean time, it is lovely to share a blog post from Clair. She came along to Charlecote during February half term with her family. They planted a tree for her husband who is celebrating a special birthday this year!

Grow little tree, grow!

Grow little tree, grow!

I just want to say a massive thank you to National Trust! Not just for the wonderful day, but making me feel like royalty.

While I understand the theory behind the importance of customer care, I experienced first-hand the impact of it, and boy, its powerful when done well!

They didn’t have to, and without agenda, made me feel very special!


The representative from Charlecote Park that arranged our visit having a genuine passion for her work and the estate was clearly key. I’m sure she isnt deemed a fundraiser, but she was perhaps the most influencial one I’ve ever met (I’m sure unbeknown to her and maybe what made her all the more effective!)? Down to her care and attention, they now have a big supporter!

Through Facebook, I learn’t about a series of ‘celebration trees’ that they were planting around the estate. They invited people to email in stories of various celebrations they were having this year explaining why they should been involved and have a tree dedicated to them. I contacted them as my husband is celebrating a milestone birthday, and with our surname of Lucy having particular connection to Charlecote as it being owned by the Lucy family since the 12th Century (unfortunately not direct descendants) I eagerly applied. Within days I was in touch with Lisa, who excitedly planned our ‘planting event’. Nothing was too much trouble. On the day, she met us at the gatehouse and led us to the plot with her colleagues awaiting our arrival. Adam explained the type of tree it was and even involved our two year old twins by inviting them to pat down the earth, and repeat after him “grow little tree grow”. My husband was truly surprised and felt very priviledged, they didnt have to go to all this trouble, but they did!

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Our sincere thanks to Clair and her family for taking part in this very special project!

Celebration Tree_Logo

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