Magicians wanted!

Magician wanted

Equipment list:

– Clotted Cream
– Pot of raspberry or strawberry jam
– Butter or Flora
– Pot of tea or freshly ground coffee

All ‘equipment’ is freshly prepared in The Orangery Restaurant or locally sourced.

 Participation could not be easier:-

– Just arrive at the Orangery Restaurant between 10.30 and 5 and pick your performance area (you can come with your own assistant or try this as a group)
– Part with a small amount of money, for the equipment and then let the magic happen!

Also included are picturesque views of the river Avon and sweeping views of ‘Capability’ Brown inspired park land.

Don’t forget, you can start training by making your own scones at home. We’ve shared the recipe for our delicious scones on our website!


Proud of your scones/added something extra or unique to the recipe? Why not take a photograph and add it to the Charlecote Park Facebook or tweet it to us?

Paul, Assistant Catering Manager


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