Walks in Charlecote and beyond

Keen walker? We’re lucky to have some fabulous walks to enjoy in our parkland. You can even join one of our volunteers for a free guided walk*. They’ll share with you the history of the park and tell a bit about how it is managed by our team today.  Alternatively, you could join our ranger for a special early morning ‘waking up the park’ walk on 11 March 2014 (more info on our website).

Its funny who you bump into when walking in the parkland...

Its funny who you bump into when walking in the parkland…

But there are also some great walks in our local area. Pick up one of these new leaflets – Walks around Wellesbourne and surrounding Villages – from our reception building and get planning your next jaunt!

The leaflet contains 6 suggested walks:

  1. map image2Hampton Lucy Scar Bank
  2. Wellesbourne to Middle Hill & Charlecote
  3. Ashorne & Newbold Pacey
  4. Moreton Morrell
  5. Wellesbourne to Walton and back
  6. Touchdown Cafe to Hunscote Lane &  Loxley

The leaflet opens to give you a large map highlighting the walks and then each individual walk also has a handy write up of its own with a more detailed map and description.


You’ll find a walk overview giving you an idea of roughly how long (in distance and time!) the walk is, including a short/medium and long option. It also gives information on the terrain, nearby car parking and even suggests a place where you can stop for refreshments!

small map

It has been produced by Warwickshire County Council and prepared by Steve Bolton, Linda Dane, Peter Davies, David Johnson and Alan Scaife. Keep an eye out for it in local amenities or visit the website for an online version.


* We offer a variety of free walks and talks to visitors. From park walks to carriage and costume talks, we aim to offer something everyday although this is dependent on volunteer availability.

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