Charlecote Manor Revisited

We originally read this blog last year just before our busy summer season was drawing to a close. It didn’t seem right to share then as we were preparing the close the house for winter. Now we’re readying ourselves for another season and soon to throw the doors open again, it seems a more appropriate time to share.

Cindy visited us in October and took some photos as she toured the site. We’ll hand over to her, and she can – through the medium of her blog – reacquaint you with Charlecote…

 Charlecote Park is located just outside of Stratford-on-Avon and it isn’t far from us, so we decided to visit again.


The road leading up to Charlecote is quite a long walk, but transportation is provided for you if you need it and can’t walk that far. It isn’t that long, but for people with walking difficulties, they have vehicles to take you to the manor house.


Getting ready to enter the gatehouse, then to the courtyard in front of Charlecote Manor.

(Remember, in England, always bring your umbrella!)

Read more here <Charlecote Manor Revisited>

Our house re-opens on 15 February. Be sure to check our website for opening times and prices. We look forward to welcoming you back soon!


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