Spot the difference!

We’re wondering how many people will be able to spot the difference when we re-open the house this month…

We have a painting that hangs in our Great Hall. It is of Elizabeth Urrey, also know as Mrs Richard Lucy. If you look up the painting on our collections database, you’ll find the following description:

‘Oil painting on canvas, Elizabeth Urrey, Mrs Richard Lucy, by British (English) School, circa 1650. A three-quarter-length portrait of the wife of Richard Lucy of Charlecote and daughter of John Urrey of Thorley, Isle of Wight.’


Quite a straight-forward description of this oil on canvas.Our wonderful room guides will be able to tell you more about who she is and how she fits in to the Charlecote story.

We think it is quite a special painting. And we’re not the only ones.

This year our lovely Elizabeth has gone away on her travels to Montacute House in Somerset! Elizabeth will hang there as part of a joint exhibition, Pictured and Seen, with the National Portrait Gallery. She will be away for 2 years!


Here at Charlecote we were faced with having a great big gap where Elizabeth hangs in the Great Hall.

e_great hall

But we didn’t think our returning room guides and visitors would be too impressed so we’ve had to be inventive. We have filled the space with a canvas replica which seems to blend in fairly well.

fake lizzy

Come along and see if you can spot the difference!


One thought on “Spot the difference!

  1. I saw this painting at Montecute in April. Am interested as she must be one of my ancestors as I am from the Isle of Wight Urry family. Especially enjoyed seeing that her family was connected to the glass industry as I love glass and am a glass beadmaker now living in BC, Canada!

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