Our first Celebration tree planting… Fred

Our first tree planting took place on Monday 6 January. If you remember Christmas and New Year, it was pretty wet and we didn’t manage to escape the flooding!

Image captured by Rachel McC

Image captured by Rachel McCombie

But we weren’t going to let that stop our tree planting with Fred…


The park and garden team were all on hand to help out and transport Fred and his family across the sodden parkland.


They also prepared the planting area ready for Fred and his family.



All ages groups are encouraged to get involved in our Celebration Tree planting!

Huge thanks to Fred and his family for helping get this project started and planting our first tree!

Our thanks also to Jana who took these wonderful photos to record the occassion.

2014.01.06_First Planting_3_w logo

But why Fred? Well, if you’re a regular visitor to Charlecote, chances are you’ve seen Fred! He’s as part of Charlecote as the trees themselves. A regular visitor for many years, he has seen the park through each season and often pops in to the restaurant for a cuppa and a chat. Charlecote is one of Fred’s special places and Fred is one of our very special visitors. Who better to get the project started?!


If you have a reason to celebrate this year, or have a special link to Charlecote, and you would like to plant one of our trees then email or write to us telling us your story or for more information contact Lisa, our Park and Garden Manager.

Charlecote Park, Nr Wellesbourne. Warwick.. CV35 9ER


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