Valentine’s ideas

With only a few weeks until valentines day have you planned what you’re going to do to celebrate? Will you be cooking a romantic meal or booking a weekend away together? How about planting a tree together?

What? Never considered it?!

We think there is something really special about planting something together and watching it grow as your grow older together. Your own children and grandchildren could visit your special tree in years to come.

This February, as part of our Celebration Tree project, we’d like to give some special couples the opportunity to plant a tree in our park. It won’t cost you anything. We’ll provide the tree, its protective tree guard and all the tools and resources needed for the planting. You need only turn up and provide us with a heartwarming story about your link to Charlecote.

You might have visited Charlecote on a date, it may have been the backdrop to your marriage proposal. Heck, you might even want to take the opportunity to propose here this Valentine’s Day AND plant a tree to mark the happy day! Maybe you just love this place and treasure the time you spend with your special someone here. However grand or simple your story, we’d love to hear it and we’d love to help you celebrate this with a tree planting.

Young couple enjoying the gardens at Charlecote Park, Warwickshire

Do get in touch.

Download and complete this form if you’d like to be considered for a tree planting this year. Return it to

2014. Celebration Tree_registration Document


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