We love National Trust Scones!

A week or so back we featured one particular National Trust enthusiast who is blogging their way around NT places. Well this week we’re sharing another enthusiastic NT fan. They happen to share one of our great loves – scones!

We really do love our scones, cakes and cream teas here at the National Trust. Well, we’re a nation of tea lovers aren’t we?

So we are really pleased to be following one particular scone fan on twitter and their blog: National Trust Scones. The blog was set up to record visits to National Trust places, specifically their cafes and tea rooms to sample the scones. The person behind the blog explains more in their bio…

I created this blog for two reasons. Firstly, having joined, I wasn’t actually visiting any National Trust places. I kept forgetting I had membership until I was really, really bored and then I’d remember. Secondly, I forgot everything about every place I visited. I spent two hours of my life at Osterley Park. I read pamphlets and admired vases and then I got in the car and couldn’t tell you one single thing about the place. I need a reason to actually take it all in, basically. If you are a fellow aficionado of National Trust scones (and we could be starting something here – the Sconesday Book – who knows) then tweet me your thoughts and photos @nt_scones


You can find out where they’ve already visited already on this very handy map. Here’s hoping we’ll see them at Charlecote one day soon!

Do you have a particular passion for something linked to the National Trust? If so we’d love to hear about it and perhaps feature you on our blog. Get in touch!

In the mean time, check out this recipe we use to make the scones we serve here.

c tea

“One has to finish a visit to a National Trust house with a cream tea”
George via flickr


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