Plant a tree to celebrate the New Year!

What will you be celebrating in the New Year?

Will you plant a tree and celebrate with us in the New Year?

2013 has been a really busy and exciting year for the park and garden department.

Since the new department began in 2010 we have been working on a number of different projects many of which were finally competed this year.

We rebuilt the collapsed section of the Ha-ha and completely restored the rest of the wall, 850 meters of our collapsed oak paling fencing was replaced, restoration of place meadow began with us sowing lots of wild flower seeds, New Land was completely reseeded, old willow trees were pollarded, the orchard was restored, new tree management plans and surveys were completed and we replaced many of the old damaged deer and livestock fences. Phew!


In addition to this we also updated the garden by extending and replanting most of the flower beds, the Woodland Garden was completely renovated and we extended the Parterre planting from six to twelve months with a lovely spring display.

So in 2014 we would like to celebrate all of the work we have competed so far and to do this we will be planting twenty ‘Celebration’  trees in the park. We would really love it if some of our visitors or members from our local community would plant them with us.

Celebration Tree_Logo

Our first tree of the year will be planted by Fred Simpson. Fred is one of our regular visitors and his love of Charlecote means that he calls in to visit the park several times a week throughout the year. Fred will be planting our 100th tree in early January.

That will mean that we are now looking for nineteen more tree planters  –  So would you like to make your mark at Charlecote by planting one of the trees in our historic Grade II* listed parkland?

So what is involved?

Firstly there is no cost to you or your organisation. We supply the tree, its tree guard and all of the tools needed. All you have to do is turn up at a pre-booked date and time and plant the tree.


We are looking for people with a reason to celebrate that is connected to Charlecote Park. So perhaps you would like to celebrate the wonderful memories you have of visiting Charlecote as a child, maybe you met or got engaged here, are you a family that loves nature and would like to provide a future habitat for birds and wildlife?

If you have a reason to celebrate and would like to plant one of our trees then email or write to us telling us your story or for more information contact Lisa, our Park and Garden Manager.

Charlecote Park, Nr Wellesbourne. Warwick.. CV35 9ER

We’ll be sharing news on the tree planting and the personal stories attached to the trees on our blog and on social media, so do pop back or follow the hashtag #NTCelebratree on twitter.


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