A ‘Green’ Father Christmas…

With Christmas just around the corner Father Christmas will be checking and rechecking those lists and we’re hoping to be on his ‘nice’ list for all our green activities…

Energy reduction is a one of our key priority areas in the National Trust at the moment. We’ve made an ambitious target to use 20 per cent less energy, halve our fossil fuel use and generate 50 per cent of our energy from renewable sources by 2020. Here at Charlecote this may seem like a huge task but we’re doing our bit. Some of our previous blog posts looked at special ‘switch it off’ events and networking events where we have been able to ask questions to people in the know, share ideas and get inspiration from other organisations.

Many National Trust places also have a green champion. Here at Charlecote, its me! I recently had a great chat with Katie, one of our External Affairs interns, from our central office in Swindon. She had heard about green champions and I was delighted to tell her more…

My recent exploration into the realms of changing energy behaviours revealed a mysterious character whom I was yet to come across. This character resides at our properties and goes by the name ‘Green Champion’. They may not actually have magical powers, but they can certainly instigate small but profound changes in our attitudes towards energy; a magical enterprise indeed!

This week, I had the pleasure of discussing the benefits and challenges of ensuring behavioural change at our properties with Ruth Webb, Property Administrator and certified Green Champion at CharlecotePark, Warwickshire.

Ruth was approached four years ago to assume the role of Green Champion. Like me, she had little experience of dealing with the technological side of energy. However…

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And whilst we’re mentioning Christmas, have you seen this ingenious way of recycling light bulbs?


Ruth, Green Champion


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