Rangers to owl rescue!

Last week our park team were sent to the rescue of a little fluffy owl who fell out of its nest box! We sought permission from our British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) officer before going too near and attempting to help the bird.

Pentax Digital Camera

The very brave Katherine and Simon rescued it and put it back. They were able to check the ring on the bird to pass on to our BTO officer. He was then able to tell us more about what is likely to have happened…

Thanks for dealing with the young barn owl yesterday.

 GJ14228 was the middle one of the brood of 5 and from the measurements we took when it was ringed it would have been 47 days old yesterday (16 Oct 2013). It is generally thought that they can fly clumsily at 54 days; fly quite well at 57 days and leave the site permanently at 67 days.  I assume that it was probably exercising its wings on the shelf and lost balance or was accidently pushed off by one its siblings.”

Pentax Digital Camera

You can find out more about the wildlife at Charlecote on our website here.

If you’re visiting us with your family this half-term, you may not spot the owls in the park, (well you might if you follow the tips here) but look who is hiding in the house… I’m told there are more hiding in the rooms but I only found this one! How many will you find?!

Pentax Digital Camera


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