Diary of a House Elf: Chimney sweep visit

Clearing a room, boarding it out, and putting it all back together again is the sort of thing our House Elves do on an ‘elastic’ Wednesday before lunch!

Back in Victorian times a visit from the Chimney sweep could have been very messy. There would be a risk of clouds of black soot and dust falling into the room from the brushes sent up the chimney.

The modern chimney sweep is much cleaner, but, in the world of conservation,  anything that happens in a show room creates challenges.

This is the Orange bedroom, as visitors see it every day, and only an hour before the Chimney sweep arrives.

Room 1

All the objects need to be removed from the room, or, protected in a way that the sweep can bring in his equipment without fear of harming anything.

This is the room ready for the sweep.

Room 2

You see everything that can be removed has been taken out, and then the floor is covered with sheets of hardboard over dust sheets which protect the historic carpet.

Once the sweep has finished, the room needs to be returned to normal, ready for opening again the next day.

Sharon, House Elf


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