Bee safari!

It has bee-n a very busy summer for us and our bees!

Last week we had a great #CheekyCharlies children’s club. It was bee, bug and bird themed so we had children here making bug hotels, creating wonderful multi-coloured birds and also finding out more about where our bees are and what they do! It gave children a chance to get closer to nature whist also ticking off some of their National Trust ‘50 things…‘. Here are a couple of photos…

CC_ teaser_Week 2_Bees

A little while before this children’s event we took part in an event for bigger kids – or as they like to be called, beekeepers.  In late July we were visited by a group from the Warwick & Leamington Beekeeping group. Some of our own volunteer beekeepers are part of the group so we were happy to extend an invite and show the group our set up.

One of the beekeepers on the visit was Tanya. She has her own hives but also helps to look after bees a neighbouring estate, Compton Verney. You can read all about the bee safari on Tanya’s blog ‘Girl meets Bee‘…

I’ve been teased by my friends and colleagues this week when I informed them that I was going on a Bee Safari yesterday. For many this may conjure up images of beekeepers clad in their beesuits standing in open top Land Rovers using binoculars to spot bees in the Warwickshire countryside. It wasn’t quite like that and having been on a Warwick & Leamington Beekeepers‘ Bee Safari last year, I knew what to expect.  Basically you meet about 15 other beekeepers at an apiary site and then you are led through inspections with a qualified national bee inspector, in our case it was Julian Routh. We started off at an apiary site in Combrook – a gorgeous quaint village in Warwickshire – then onto the bees kept at the National Trust property Charlecote Park (top pic) and then back to Combrook to inspect Liz and Stephen Bates’ bees. 

A day looking at and talking about bees – what could bee better…

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