House Elves and Elastic Wednesday

A quick guide to the meaning of ‘Elastic Wednesday’.

If you follow our Elf blogs you will probably see references to ‘elastic’ Wednesday.

This is because during our week we often come across jobs that need to be done when the house is closed. Some weeks we find we have mentioned so many things we want to do on Wednesday that the only way to fit it all in would be if the day could stretch, elastic style!

The team of House Elves at Charlecote is made up of staff and volunteers.

Some of our House Elves

Some of our House Elves

Some elves have been here for years, some elves have only been here for a short time, some have spent time with us on their way to other things, and some elves come and go depending on other commitments.

Anyone who helps with the care and presentation of the collection items, show rooms, and behind the scenes storage areas is considered to be a Charlecote House Elf for life.

Here are a few photo’s of Elf activities to help you understand the variety of jobs we do…



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Sharon, House Elf


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