Charlecote’s #RoyalBaby

Have you been as wrapped up as we have in the news of the Royal baby? Well it just so happened that we had a new addition to our Cheeky Charlies family too.

CC_Royal baby_its a BOY

In all seriousness, we just love good news. Especially news of a new baby.Charlecote is very much a family home and it is filled with family portraits. A new royal baby gave us an excuse/opportunity look though some of the childhood memorabilia we have here at Charlecote. We wonder if the royal Prince Cambridge will have any of these items in his nursery…

rocking cradleRocking cradle

Made of oak but the date it was made is unknown. It is simple but would surely soothe any baby into a slumber… even a royal baby with a ‘good set of lungs’!

1950s Dolls House

Our family museum in the Gatehouse is filled with toys and games of times gone by. One of the much loved items, always gazed at longingly by visitors is a dolls house. As it happens, we are not the only ones who love it and it will be going to an exhibition overseas later in the year. In recent weeks our conservation team have been completing condition reports and vast amounts of paperwork to prepare for this trip!

Photo credit: NTPL/Claire Reeves

Photo credit: NTPL/Claire Reeves

The dolls house was made by a gentleman named Mr Wimbush in 1950 and was a replica of the family rectory at Hampton Lucy (originally built in 1712). It was made for Emma Fairfax-Lucy

19th century rocking and riding horses

Who could resist playing on these?! Certainly not our Cheeky Charlies!

19th century rocking horse

19th century rocking horse

19th century riding horse / Val Hope


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